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Scotland’s custom fit club specialists

"We are members of IPAC and were recently voted among the worlds 100 Top Club Fitters."
Scott Gourlay, Managing Director

Welcome to SGGT Scotland’s leading golf-club fitting company, where advanced technology, the latest brand name equipment, and expert, personalised service converge to help raise the discerning golfer's game to new performance levels.

All players, regardless of skill level, want to play better golf.  Serious golfers know that the fastest way to a better game is using the right equipment, which means having the highest quality clubs custom fit to match a player's unique swing characteristics.

No longer a specialty service reserved just for touring pros, custom fitting can have an even more dramatic impact on amateur golfers, from beginners to advanced players.

Now is the time to improve your game the same way professional golfers have been improving their game for years – with custom fitted clubs from SGGT, the best club fitting company in the business.