Why Pure My Clubs?

14 June 2018

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Pure Your Clubs For More Consistent Performance and Uniform Feel from Club to Club

Did you know golf shafts aren’t perfectly straight or perfectly round? Studies have shown that irregularities in a shaft's structure cause off-line bending and twisting during the golf swing. 

This causes an increase in shot dispersion or, in irons, inconsistent performance from club to club. The SST PURE Shaft Alignment System analyses the structure of any golf shaft and identifies its most stable bending plane, or Neutral-Axis. 

The SST Puring process works on any shaft, regardless of its material. Players who have had their shafts SST Pured hit the ball longer, straighter and more uniformly consistent than ever before. Independent testing on players of all skill levels has established that SST Pure improves impact repeatability on the center of the clubface by up to 51 percent.

When assembled in the clubhead in this SST PUREd orientation, the result is improved consistency from club to club within your set and set to set within your brand.

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